Mr. Paul Henckler of Paric presented at our well attended monthly meeting. He talked with us about what to say and do during a scope review meeting with a general contractor.
The main points were…

1) Be truthful – don’t say “Yes” if the answer should be “No, I did not include that” and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know but will check and get back to you”.

2) Waiting to discuss “bad news” is a mistake

3) Be prepared – know your scope and be able to discuss details, scheduling, long lead items and any imminent price increases.
4) Document discussions for later reference.

5) Subcontractors are the experts for their scope who will help to make the job successful if open and complete communication is provided throughout the project.

During and after Paul’s program many questions were asked and answered, displaying a lot of interest in this topic.

We give Tom Finan and Dede Hance of Construction Forum STL a big THANK YOU! for allowing us to hold this meeting at their office.

We hope to see you at our November 16, 2018 meeting!

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