October Meeting Success!

October Picture McCarthy

The ASPE Chapter 19 St. Louis Board wanted to thank McCarthy for hosting our October Chapter meeting and Ryan Molen, Josh Gaghan, Jaime Perera, and Monica Bailey for talking about the importance and how to create High Performance Teams for large-scale construction projects.

For those interested in the Outreach for the McCarthy/HITT NGA project, more details can be found here.

Our chapter is growing and attendance has been steady now for over a year!  We want to thank all of those who come and invite you to our next monthly meeting at the AGC Construction School relating to Master Specifications by Steve Gantner of Cannon Design and the CSI.

ASPE St. Louis is also teaming with the AGC Estimators to have a forum at 7:00am before our chapter’s meeting on Fri, Nov 15, 2019 to discuss issues facing construction estimators.  If interested contact us.

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