What does “Veracity” mean in our Construction Industry?

First, what is the definition of “veracity”? The dictionary definition is “conformity to facts: accuracy”. Some synonyms are: honesty, integrity, truthfulness, candor, trustability and reliability.

As an owner or a contractor don’t you want to work with a company and an individual that has those qualities?

Our organization has a Code of Ethics with nine canons as guidelines on how estimators are to conduct themselves to achieve veracity and all the synonyms associated with that word. My favorite canon is #3 which I have copied from the National ASPE website and shared below.

Canon #3 Professional estimators and those in training shall conduct themselves in a manner that will promote cooperation and good relations among members of our profession and those directly related to our profession. 1. Treat all professional associates with integrity, fairness, tolerance and respect, regardless of national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, gender or age. 2. Extend fraternal consideration when giving testimony that may be damaging to a member of our Society, as long as it does not violate this Code of Ethics and the laws governing the proceedings. 3. Accept the obligation to assist associates in complying with the code of professional ethics. The professional character of our society is dependent upon continuing mutual cooperation with one another. It is an essential element of our continued success. 4. Recognize the ethical standards set by other professionals, such as architects and engineers, directly related to our industry and extend to them the common courtesies they deserve. 5. Act honorably, both in personal and professional life, by avoiding situations that may erode public respect.

To be successful in our construction industry owners and contractors must be able to rely on professional estimators who act in these manners. Veracity and ethical behaviors are key to your success.

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