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October ’18 Meeting Success

Mr. Paul Henckler of Paric presented at our well attended monthly meeting. He talked with us about what to say and do during a scope review meeting with a general contractor. The main points were… 1) Be truthful – don’t say “Yes” if the answer should be “No, I did not include that” and don’t

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September Meeting Success

Thanks so much to all who attended our September Kick-Off meeting! Representatives from all over the industry were represented and had networking opportunities as well as learned a lot from Cameron Beattie of Tarlton Corp.s’ presentation. See more details about our October Meeting at ConstructSTL Office on Oct. 19, 2018 in the posts on this

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October Meeting Announcement (Revised)

Join the American Society of Professional Estimators (St. Louis Ch. 19) Oct. 19 at 7:30am at ConstructSTL Office for networking and discussion. Guest Speaker: Paul Henckler – Purchasing Director of Paric Corp. Topic: How to Prepare for a Buyout Clarification Meeting with a GC Breakfast and fees included with admission: $20 flat fee Linked In:

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